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The Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are the fundamental pillars of Mystery Shopping surveys. They execute and implement the objectives laid down within the survey schedule. The quality of their performance decisively determines the quantity and quality of the information acquirable from the survey.

Focus on the shopperMystery Shopper

We work with an extending team of regularly trained mystery shoppers who are carefully selected and prepared to each project. We apply situation games to assess our shoppers’ expertise and organise multiple stage trainings where the tasks are introduced. We provide an opportunity to our clients to get actively involved in the selection and training process and in the final preparations before the project.


Following the execution of the mystery shopping research the experiences can be shared within focus groups that we organize in our one-way mirror room in our Budapest office, lead by experienced moderators.

Our possibilities

Our nationwide mystery shopper network and our flexible recruitment system allow us to compile a team of shoppers with different socio-demographic characteristics, and satisfy our clients’ special demand on any research field.