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Methods of Mystery Shopping

We offer our clients a wide range of services that includes classical and the newest mystery shopping survey methods.

Mystery Shopping Surveys

Methods of Mystery Shopping

Anonymous mystery shopping

The mystery shopper visits the selected stores with an objective previously determined by the client. He behaves as a totally average shopper and makes inquires, asks for help, makes contact with the staff according to the schedule compiled together with the client, and after leaving the store the experiences are laid down into a written report. In order to control standard operation (e.g. receipt providing) purchase might take place as well in certain situations.

Open control shopping

The open control mystery shopping takes place similarly to the anonymous mystery shopping. After completing the report, the mystery shopper meets the competent manager and shares his experiences. Both methods begin with an anonymous phase making them equally appropriate for secret testing needs.

Mystery Call / Mystery E-mail methods for testing telephone/online customer service

The mystery shoppers contact online or telephone customer services with an objective predefined by the client. They behave as ordinary customers, they make inquires and ask for help.

Other special examinations – Mystery Patient, Mystery Passenger, etc.

Mystery Patient is a complex, semi-qualitative, examination-based method that observes the spontaneous reactions of physicians, their answers to situations induced by the patient and the method of “persuasion” and guidance. As a result of the survey we receive an overall picture of the quality of the given service.

Mystery Shopping Supporting Surveys

AST – Accompanied Shopping Trip

Accompanied shopping is a new possibility among personal mystery shopping survey methods: one of the real, actual shoppers of the involved store is accompanied by an expert mystery shopper. This happens in secret, neither the shopper, nor the mystery shopper reveals their identity. The method combines the advantages of direct customer inquiries and mystery shopping in a cost-effective manner. Voice recording is done during the shopping that helps to become familiar with the shopping habits and observations of the customer just as we would on an in-depth interview, and the mystery shopper performs an expert mystery shopping at the same time.

Shopper-focus group

Mystery shopping research can be completed by focus group analysis, which means that the involved mystery shoppers share their impressions, experiences and observations in a focus group. The method helps to acquire information which is not included in the mystery shopping report and provides added value to the study. We organise focus groups in our one-way mirror room equipped with the latest technology in our Budapest office.

Observation of marketing communication tools – POS tracking

We usually carry out the listing and observation of POS materials by means of a totally open survey. As numerous details have to be examined, it is necessary to take notes in the store. The aim of POS Tracking is to assess whether the equipments and marketing image materials are properly placed in the store, and the posters, leaflets, price lists are regularly updated. In the course of this sort of survey we frequently take digital pictures as well to document the experienced circumstances. The assessment of image elements might be completed by a revealing mystery shopping.

Measurement of customer satisfaction

Today, companies need more than just a good product or service to become successful. They also need to win the sympathy and satisfaction of their customers. Based on the results of our mystery shopping studies we are able to develop and deliver training programs that supports our clients in optimizing their customer management processes.