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H-4027 Debrecen, Füredi Str. 18.

H-1142 Budapest, Erzsébet királyné
Str. 112.

Tel: +36 1 422 1634
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About Us – Specialist in Mystery Shopping

Mystery Visit Ltd. provides a full range of mystery shopping research and consulting services, tailored to individual client needs. Over ten years of experience and a continuously trained team of professionals guarantees that the quality of our services meets the highest requirements.

We put a strong emphasis on the training and monitoring of our mystery shopper team. We maintain a personal relationship with our shoppers who go through a multiple round selection process.

MissionOur success is our clients' success

Our success is our clients’ success. This is why we are here.

We believe that mystery shopping is aimed to serve development. The results of mystery shopping research support the decision makers in developing their strategies, and help to optimize the analyzed processes that will result customer satisfaction and a higher profit.

Company information

Established in 2006, Mystery Visit Ltd. is a dynamically growing, privately owned Hungarian company specialised in mystery shopping. It is a member of Szinapszis Group, one of the leading market research companies of Hungary.